The rules for entering classified advertisements

Níže uvedená pravidla jsou nedílnou součástí užívání poskytovaných služeb a je povinen je dodržovat každý, kdo u nás chce inzerovat. V případě porušení pravidel jsou správci oprávněni dotyčným zamítnout či smazat inzeráty a uživatelské účty, proto doporučujeme všem inzerentům, aby si je důkladně přečetli.

Adhere to the principles of good manners and the law

Adhering to the principles of good manners and to the law is, of course, the first rule: please avoid offensive statements, settling scores, the promotion of various illegal political movements and all other matters which are at odds with the general principles of good manners and the law.

Follow the web administrators' instructions

The server administrators reserve the right to delete any web content which they feel to be at odds with the law or good manners or which is otherwise unsuitable. At the same time, we also reserve the right to block access to users who behave in the aforementioned manner or directly breach the rules and operating conditions, including the blocking of the registration, the email box or the IP address.

Only place advertisements in the suitable section

Please only place classified advertisements and companies in the appropriate categories. If you cannot find a suitable section for your advertisement, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to create a new section after giving the matter due consideration. Caution! The corresponding category does not mean an associated category! For example, an offer of vehicle insurance should not be in the passenger vehicle section! That section should clearly only contain advertisements for individual vehicles.

Always place an advertisement for one item in one section only once

We also consider the repeated placement of the same or a similar advertisement in a single category to constitute a breach of the advertising etiquette and any users who do this run the risk of having their account or their IP address blocked. If, for example, you are advertising a job offer, place it in the given section only once - it does not matter how many times you change the wording, it is still the same advertisement and it may only appear here once.

Advertise to a reasonable extent

The server is mainly designed for private classified advertisements, i.e. even though companies can place advertisements, all of them must respect the limits set by the administrators. Let us avoid the needless clogging up of the system with advertisements placed several times in a row by the same advertiser or the clogging up of an advertising section by one advertiser in general. It generally applies that an advertiser should not place more than two consecutive advertisements in a single section. Any automation of the placement of advertisements which has not been expressly permitted by our administrators is also inadmissible. The circumvention of the limits is considered to constitute a breach of the rules and the breaching party will be liable to the aforementioned sanctions.

Only advertise specific goods and services

It is only permitted to advertise a specific item or service. Free classified advertisements (unlike paid advertisements) are not designed to promote anybody, but for direct sales and purchases. If, for example, you are selling computer technology, select specific items from your offer and advertise each of them in individual advertisements - at the end of the text, you can of course state that you also sell other such items.

Place your advertisements so that interested parties receive all of the basic information on the portal

It is forbidden to place advertisements which state "send an email for more information", etc.. The space for the text which can be placed in the advertisement is sufficiently long to set out the majority of offers and it is also possible to append a clickable link to the advertisement. We will not tolerate attempts to tempt emails out of clients or the camouflaging of any suspicious activities. This especially applies to offers of work and part-time jobs where it is necessary to state your specific requirements of the applicant and the job specifications for the given position, otherwise the advertisements will not be approved.

Use the most specific links

Only place any links in the advertisements in the specified column and direct them as precisely as possible. The web link must be directly connected to the subject or service (not to a company's homepage where the purchaser will have to further search for the item or service).

The prohibition of commission systems

It is forbidden to advertise webs or services which function on the principle of so-called referral or affiliate programs. In essence, these programs involve a commission for the advertising user for each further individual who he or she brings to the program. There is nothing bad about this in and of itself, but this can lead to the clogging of the links to the same webs which is understandably to the detriment of the users.

The prohibition of animated pictures

The placement of animated GIF pictures is prohibited - animation is not suitable for classified advertisements and it annoys many users needlessly.

The competition ban

It is forbidden to place links to other classified advertisement or auction websites or to advertise our competition, i.e. websites with the same orientation, in any way: if you wish to sell items using this server, please do so directly.

Act transparently

It is forbidden to create multiple user accounts.

The prohibition of suspicious advertisements and fraudulent advertisements

As well as advertisements which breach the stated rules, there is also a further certain type of problematic advertisements which we are not all interested in hosting based on the feedback from users. This involves, for example, offers of work in various wellness centres, regeneration and so on, work as cosmetic consultants, the receipt of advertising emails, filling in questionnaires, flier distribution, product assembly and so on. These advertisements contain a great risk of fraud and "aeroplane systems", they conceal various MLM, referral and affiliate systems and their advertisers often breach other rules and have a tendency to spam. We therefore focus on these advertisements and we reject the majority of them and delete the user accounts of those who have placed them.

The highest number of advertisements